Wedding of Binh Thai to Sean King - June 13, 2009

About us

In the beginning

It all began on a typical Seattle summer day, clear blue skies and perfect temperature. Sean and Hoa, Binh’s older brother, worked together at Expedia and had a half day due to a company outing for a Mariner’s game. Binh, after plenty of begging from her brother, decided to go along to the game. Though Sean and Binh did not see each other at the game, they connected soon after upon briefly catching eyes as Binh walked by Sean and his friends at the J & M bar and she continued to walk right on by. Fortuitously, Sean and Binh met again later that afternoon as Sean came upon Binh’s group sitting outside at the Axis Bar (now Amber) on his way back to his apartment. Surprised at the coincidence Sean decided to take a seat next to Binh; they have been inseparable ever since.


After over a year of seeing each other daily, Binh moved to San Francisco to take the first steps towards getting into the fashion industry; her lifelong dream. Through the separation Sean and Binh made it a point to talk at least once a day and visit each other every other month. San Francisco provided the setting for countless fond memories and friends; it still remains our favorite city. Yet job availability forced Binh and Sean to settle in Seattle.

Settling down

Binh and Sean caught the housing bug and decided to set roots in Seattle. After months of touring homes in the various neighborhoods of Seattle they purchased their first house together on December 4, 2006. During a rainy fall night, Binh and Sean viewed and fell in love with a 1920’s brick tudor with a lot of "charm". The house is located in Seattle’s eclectic Ballard neighborhood, which provides an endless source of entertainment be it from the shops, restaurants, or the drivers.

Starting a family

A life changing milestone happened on November 12, 2007 when Binh and Sean decided to add to their family.  That night Buffy Coco King joined their family and has ruled the house ever since. Buffy is a masked sable and white Papillon.  True to her breed she demands a lot of attention, though she reciprocates with her endless affection. Her parents agree that she was the perfect addition to the family.


Sean proposed to Binh on Christmas Eve of 2007 in Boston, MA. After conspicuously agreeing to purchase a pricey sweater for Buffy, Sean took Binh and Buffy on a walk in the Boston Garden. It was a cold day with snow still on the ground. After four and a half long years, Sean got down on his knee and asked Binh to be his wife. Binh accepted and the celebration began.